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2016 Christmas CAD freeware giveaway by CAD Studio

Christmas Christmas is coming again in a couple of days and, as in previous years, CAD Studio gives out again a wrapped package of its free tools for all CAD users - for the fourteenth time already. Do not overlook also hundreds of other useful CAD applications and CAD/BIM libraries offered for free on our portal

As a part of the tradition, this year's Christmas-tree utilities by CAD Studio include (all can be downloaded from Freeware):

  • CoDOf - (copy with directional offset)

    - an AutoCAD add-on for quick, repeating copying of objects in a given direction. Selected objects can be breeded by specifying direction and offset - offset distance can be entered manually or repeated automatically, or you can change it on the go. See the Tip 11222


  • CCtext (clipboard copy text)

    - an AutoCAD add-on for mass copying of drawing texts to the Windows Clipboard and then to another application. When copying, you can specify whether to copy just texts or also block attributes, order copied texts by their location (left-to-right, top-down, column-wise), or replace given substrings in the copied texts. See the Tip 11223


  • RoundT (round text)

    - an AutoCAD add-on for rounding decimal numbers in drawing texts and block attributes - you can specify the number of decimal places and use negative decimal places to force trailing zeroes. See the Tip 8181


  • Image2Model

    - an add-on for Fusion 360 (similar to the last year's BoreImage for Inventor) which can be used to "punch" (bore) the selected raster image to sheetmetal. Add this add-in application to your Fusion scripts (see Readme) and then run it with Shift+S. As the source, use any raster image with sufficient contrast and as low resolution as possible - each image pixel will be represented by one sketch circle (for holes - the darker the larger) or by one 3D point. You can use it to design decorative objects, to add a drilled logo to your product, etc.


  • RenameComp

    - an add-on for Fusion 360 for mass-renaming of components, bodies, sketches and other model elements. You can use plain string replacements and more advanced replacements with regular expressions.


  • Floor area

    - a Dynamo macro for Revit, to calculate an exact area of a room, including any recesses and niches. You can use the macro also as an example of dynamic programming in Revit and of Dynamo Player - see also the blog (in Czech) NaZdi.

  • Re-Assoc

    - a simple AutoCAD macro for mass re-association of disassociated dimensions - attached selected disjoined dimensions back to the control points of dimensioned objects. See the Tip 11188

  • TotalLayouts

    - AutoCAD reactor, which adds an automatic drawing variable carrying the total number of layouts - you can use it to add dynamic text fields of the type "Page 4 of total 9" to your drawing. See the Tip 11171

    Page of

  • Polypropylen pipe library

    - an add-on library for Inventor - parametric library of PP (PVC) pipe fittings for water pipes. Contains straight segments, elbows, T-pieces and styles, plus the idcl file of the custom local content. Install to Inventor 2017 as described in the DOC file.


  • Physical units converter

    - a module on the portal, extended with tens of additional historical and international units of length, area, volume, energy, pressure, etc. You can use this converter either online on or as an AutoCAD palette, as the add-on application Units Conversion.


  • Map ccordinates converter

    - a module on the portal (currently in Czech only), converts survey coordinates and locations - you can perform arbitrary conversions between the GPS locations, S-JTSK, postal addresses, interactive locations on a map, what3words codes or your current position. You can access the Converter on


And as usual - all these CAD utilities (and many other) can be found for download on our Freeware download page, plus on Autodesk Exchange Apps - or you can still try to write a letter to Santa CAD Studio.

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