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iPROJECT - Document management for internet. Current version 3.6.

This product is no longer developed

iPROJECT - EDM solution built on the latest technology

Document revisionsiPROJECT is an intranet product for project managers, investors, CAD professionals and all users working with electronic documents. Easy yet powerful document management on your intranet/extranet. Manage your new and frequently updated documents for the whole project. Access documents from any place on the Internet, simplify communication and collaboration of project teams or subcontractors or telecommuters.

[manage documents anywhere]

All drawings, messages, agreements, reports and other documents in iPROJECT are displayed clearly in a tree structure similar to the structure in Windows Explorer. iPROJECT records current (and old) versions of these documents, logs all changes made to the document and notifies users about any changes made to the document, checks out and locks documents for editing. Files can be transferred to/from the Internet (or intranet) easily by Drag-and-Drop method. Project administrator can define user access rights for other project members and determine their access rights to work with the project documents. Defined project managers can approve document revisions (even in a multi-stage workflow), can start change workflows and can force reading documents in the distribution workflows (new in version 3.6).

Attribute module You can use user-defined "process tabs" to link documents, projects and folders with your company applications (accounting, logging, profile information, travel costs, GIS, ERP, facility management, stock...).

The Attribute module is an example of such process tab. It allows to transfer title block data of a drawing to the iPROJECT database. The attributes are displayed for DWG documents in iPROJECT on a separate tab and you can search on this data using the enhanced search tab.
A similar function - "General attributes" (new in version 3.0) allow to add user defined attributes to any document type (contract number, division, phase...) - either as a textual value or a choice from a predefined list.

[drag-n-drop over the Internet]

Graphical comments - redline Project participants can discuss any document in the discussion forum accessible to all project members. In addition to the common text messages the Redline function is also supported for CAD drawings.

iPROJECT supports any document type - drawings in DWG, DXF or DWF formats, MS Office files, PDF documents, scanned paper documents, faxes, multimedia data and other data types stored and easily restored from digital archive.

Individual documents can be searched by name, author and date or by fulltext search. This applies not only to the office documents but also to AutoCAD drawings.
The displayed document tree can be filtered (new in version 3.0) according to the user defined criteria - e.g. only a particular document types or names, only approved revisions, documents by a given division, etc. Document filters can be defined on the Filter tab.

[fulltext search in DWG drawings]

Preview for Office documentsiPROJECT can be accessed by every user with internet or your company intranet connection. The user can access projects he/she had been assigned user access to and establish their own projects. iPROJECT requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x version or higher. There are no other software or hardware requirements. It is not necessary to have AutoCAD installed to be able to view and comment on AutoCAD drawings.

Object API interface is available for iPROJECT - you can control file oprations from client scripts and batch commands.

iPROJECT uses XML and it is ready to be easily localized to any language. Currently iPROJECT is available in English and Czech (and partly in German, Korean and Portuguese).

and see why more than 2.500 users are using iPROJECT already

Intranet use

iPROJECT is also supplied as a product to be used as an affordable intranet application for document management (EDM, PDM, PLM) within the company intranet (and extranet). As a part of system implementation it is also possible to solve communication with other (legacy) systems.

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Publishing paper documents from MFP

Module for publishing from MFP devices

iPROJECT (module MFP) allows easy publishing of paper documents scanned anywhere in your network using a multi-function product - HP LaserJet MFP. From this MFP device (see picture) you can easily send any document directly to the iPROJECT server and automatically check it in an appropriate folder in your document tree.

Alcatraz integration module

Alcatraz module allows an automatic login to iPROJECT by taking the existing Pythagoras Alcatraz login (therefore also the Windows domain login).

Extended attributes module

With the Attributes module you can add more system-, text-, or enumeration-attributes to documents. You can use different sets of attributes for different file types (.DOC, .ZIP, .DWG...). Archive files (.ZIP, or others) are supported, with access to individual files in the archive. Extended attributes are displayed and edited using process cards; and can be searched along with the standard document-attributes.

System requirements

iPROJECT is a client-server application - it has particular 'server' requirements and different 'workstations' requirements. Individual server components (file vault, SQL server and IIS web) can reside on physically different servers.


  • Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server
  • Internet Information Server (included in Windows), IIS 6.0/7.x compatible
  • MS SQL Server 2008-2000, or MS BackOffice, or MSDE
  • Access to a SMTP e-mail server

  • MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • Windows 98,NT4,2000,XP,Vista,Win7

Version history:

The current version - V3.6

  • 3.6 (2/2010)
    • Extended general attributes of a document (number series, drawing field (DWG), look-up table)
    • Extended document filtering
    • Detailed control on sending notifications
    • Document workflow (approval-, change- and distribution-workflows, document expiry)
    • Defining dependencies between documents
    • Standalone administration module (managing users, groups and rights)
    • Folder export
    • Analysis of the contents of DWG documents
    • Definition of viewer and editor applications for document types
    • Windows login integration
  • 3.0 (5/2006)
    • General attribute module
    • Filtering documents in the tree
    • Multilevel document approval
    • Major and minor revisions
    • Integration with MS Outlook
    • API and integrations with ERP and GIS systems
  • Prices:

    Please contact us for detailed price information, or request for quote on iPROJECT system. We are looking for dealers worldwide.

    Price of the iPROJECT commercial license (no other client license fees) starts at 1.600,-EUR:

    • iPROJECT Light (basic version up to 10 users, limited module upgrades) - Order
    • iPROJECT Business (basic version up to 25 users, fulltext, optional modules) - Order
    • iPROJECT Pro (full unlimited version, incl. fulltext, import/export, MFP, archive modules) - Order
    • optional fulltext search module cost is 570,-EUR - Order
    We also offer iPROJECT as a hosted web service (ASP) - so you don't need to purchase any hardware or software.

    iPROJECT datasheet (PDF, 560kB)

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