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XANADU - Helpdesk, Callcenter

Service/support system by XANADU

XANADU company is active on the Czech IT market since 1991. We hold a number of certificates, awards and partnerships (HP, IBM, Symantec, Microsoft, Autodesk).

Besides providing common hardware and software solutions, XANADU specializes on providing service and support. We offer complex care for our customers' needs - these services are provided through the Integrated Service/support System (ISS). Since 2005 we provide also our own Hotline callcenter and a Central dispatch-controlled support services.

Our clients also use the login-based Service information system available on-line (Servis-Online), which logs all actions, incidents and solved problems from the callcenter. An authorized person (from the client site) can use his/her login here to watch the individual steps taken to solve the reported incidents, check compliance with the agreed fixtime (SLA) for the individual incidents, etc. Monthly statistics and report are also a common component of our services.

Xanadu Helpdesk (1)
Fig.1: Helpdesk system - open incidents

Geographical layout of our service points across the Czech Republic reflects our intention to offer full availability of all our services for our clients in Czechia. Our sales points are always also service- and repair pointsu (Praha, Ceske Budejovice, Pardubice, Brno, Ostrava).

Service offering

Telephone support - Callcenter

Our callcenter hotline is available daily (workdays) during standard business hours (8:00 - 16:30 local time)

During this time all technical support calls are received and recorded. During the call, the callcenter staff makes an entry of the accepted call to the ISS database system (see Figure #2).

In the first level, the calls are received by the callcenter operators who go through the basic level diagnostics of the problem and solve trivial technical problems. In case that the solution requires an active participation of a technical expert, the callcenter operator logs the contact to the client and escalates the incident (ticket) to be solved by technical consultants over phone.

In case it is not possible to solve the client's problem over phone and an onsite intervention is required, the ISS system generates a ticket which is assigned to a technician according to the geographical location and the expert area (subject matter). Such incident is then solved according to the standard technical support agreement level.

  • This service is rated monthly _____
Xanadu Helpdesk (2)
Fig.2: Helpdesk system - Hotline

Service/repair support - onsite

At the moment an incident (ticket) is generated for the onsite technical support, an automatic countdown of the preset fixtime period is started - time to solve the incident (according to the SLA) - all changes performed during the solution of this incident are logged into the information system together with current real-time data (date/time) and the system automatically notifies and escalates possible critical deadlines (see Figure #3).

Xanadu Helpdesk (3)
Fig.3: Helpdesk system - solving an incident

The "fixtime" term and the respective onsite intervention price can be arranged generally in the service agreement (the same for all the devices), or it can be divided into high and low priority groups by device types or user groups.

  • Standard intervention (fixtime 48 hrs) _____
  • Fast intervention (fixtime 12 hrs) _____
  • Express intervention (fixtime 8 hrs) _____

Our own web application Xanadu ISS is also offered as a product for implementation at the customers' site.

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