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SureSave for the rescue of your DWG files

A new AutoCAD LISP utility by CAD Studio - SureSave - always saves a copy of your edited drawing, even when you click Close/Save:No by mistake.


The SureSave utility (reactor) automatically saves changes in your drawings even in cases where standard Save, Close or AutoSave fails. SureSave will save a backup copy of your current drawing (to a specified folder) on any Save, SaveAs, or Close operation (even if you click on 'Save changes [No]' by mistake, even when you quit AutoCAD, and even if the standard Save operation fails because of a disk error). It will also preserve the latest AutoSave (SV$) file (normally deleted by AutoCAD on exit).

SureSave is currently available as a free preview version time bombed to Sep 30th 2012. See Download

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