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The Dutch company Control Seal uses support from the Czech CAD Studio

CS The Dutch company Control Seal B.V. has more than a hundred-year-long history in precision engineering. It specializes primarily in manufacturing of high-ressure valves for oil and gas industries. With the 3D CAD and PDM software applications from Autodesk and with support from the Czech CAD Studio it successfully supplies giant custom-made valves for oil and gas processing industries.

In addition to its standard products, the company also manufactures custom-made valves for specific customers and their unique projects. That is why the company started using the product documentation management system (PDM) some years ago and recently it has also decided to upgrade its Autodesk computer-aided design (CAD) solution to the latest version. Based on the previous positive experience, Control Seal has chosen the Czech company CAD Studio that has been able to successfully provide remote support in the long term.


The new and improved functions of the 3D design and data management software applications provide completely new opportunities for the designers, as well as the chance to better respond to changing requirements of our demanding customers. Currently, twelve engineers are using the same number of licenses of Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection 2018 that provide them with all necessary 2D and 3D design and presentation tools – from conceptual sketches to visualizations, including special functions for analyses and simulations, manufacturing and mechatronics. Purchase of additional licenses has been planned along with the growth of the company’s creative team. The PDM system Autodesk Vault controls version-management of CAD documents and custom software add-ons help to better reflect current needs of the users. The engineers are also getting interested in the Autodesk CFD solution allowing computational simulation of fluid flow which is closely associated with valve designing.


“Such an extensive and fast deployment of modern technologies could not have been successful without an experienced contractor. Control Seal has been very happy to use services provided by CAD Studio, both in the implementation and subsequent technical support. Each upgrade also includes training to ensure a smooth transition to the new software version,“ says Tomas Sedlacek, head of the Control Seal design department. “It is expedient for us to have a single contractor for everything we need. We also take advantage of mutual links between specialized Autodesk applications that make it possible for us to focus primarily on our creative work. Vault Professional makes it easier to view the history of parts and assemblies, allows to return in time, and many everyday processes do not need any more to be performed manually and are automated now. The system is able to monitor the user´s work and provide alerts if all conditions required by the work procedure have not been met. Thus the system eliminates human errors. It also enables simple set up of user access rights and restrictions for individual files and users, as well as searching and filtering of files. It is also a practical tool for managers who can view the work of the individual engineers at any particular time.“

“Without the 3D CAD and PDM Autodesk solutions we would not have been able to meet such an order. The Autodesk tools make it easier for us not only to design the valves but also to cooperate in the team. They help us prevent critical errors in the design which can be extremely costly in case of projects of this size,“ says the designer Jasper Mensinga. “The whole order is now just before completion and it serves as our important reference for valves sized over 30”. Such valves are far from commonly available on the market. Moreover, our client in this project is the world´s leading company and it has granted to us a certificate of a reliable supplier with the authorization to supply valves without any size limitations.“

More about our solution for Control Seal - see Control Seal Reference (PDF) and References.

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