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CAD technology helps in mining management

Presoft Quarry PSP Engineering a.s. in cooperation with Koral s.r.o. and AAC Solutions s.r.o. developed the software "Presoft Quarry" employing CAD and GIS technology to control mining of non-ore materials in quarries.

PSP Engineering a.s. is a Czech company operating worldwide supplying complete plants, process systems, technological lines, machines and equipment for industry of building materials and treatment of minerals especially for cement plants and lime works. The complete service of "Spatial quarry model for the mining management" meeting the requirements of customers for effectiveness and mining ecology is part of the delivery. The software application Autodesk Map 3D, the add-on application "Presoft Quarry" and MS SQL database are cores of this service.

The spatial quarry model based on unified topographic system ensures exact and clear storage and retrieval of knowledge about the mining locality and as the quarry model is interconnected with the database, it is possible to incorporate material mining management into the information system of the cement plant or other technological unit.
The software applications allow processing, editing and visualization of the spatial quarry model divided into micro-blocks and stage-blocks. Their parameters are calculated by a mathematical extrapolation method from geological and chemical-technological values of geological bores when creating the model. A respective record in the database is linked with each micro-block and stage-block of the spatial model.
The application "Presoft Quarry" allows selection and combination of stage-blocks of the quarry according to their parameters, creation of mining plans, evaluation of additional surveys, construction of virtual bores and calculation of parameters of units mined.

PSP Engineering a.s. worked on the task and idea solution of the application "Presoft Quarry" in cooperation with Koral s.r.o.,and AAC Solutions s.r.o., an Autodesk authorized developer, designed the software part. The program is available both in English and in other languages.


AAC Solutions s.r.o. is an Autodesk Systems Center and an Authorized Partner of HP, Microsoft, IBM and Symantec based in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

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