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Dynamic changes in AutoCAD drawings with LiveLabel 2004


Xanadu company (former CAD Studio) has announced immediate availability of a new application for AutoCAD 2004 - LiveLabel 2004.

LiveLabel 2004 adds dynamics to AutoCAD drawings through a set of user configurable reactors. Text, attribute, dimension, object color or other object property can change automatically when other (or the same) drawing entity changes. LiveLabel reactor transfers information about a property of one object (e.g. area of a closed polyline) to a textual or geometric value of another object (e.g. block attribute containing area label). A live link is created in your drawing - the target value is updated automatically on any change of the source property (e.g. dragging a node of the boundary polyline).

Typical examples of LiveLabel functionality are: area labels or true area-dimensions (area->attrib, area->dim), room or parcel schedules (area->text), live polyline-length dimensions (length->dim), arc-length dimensions (length->dim), live legends (scale->color), live texts (text->text, text->mtext), live leaders (length->leader), map legends, schematic drawings, etc.

LiveLabel helps to create effectively more intelligent AutoCAD drawings. It reduces time spent on updates of drawings which change frequently, reducing drawing errors at the same time.

LiveLabel 2004 supports AutoCAD 2004 and vertical applications based on AutoCAD 2004. A separate version for the 2002-family is available.

Fully functional Trial version is available for download on LiveLabel homepage

Xanadu s.r.o. is an Autodesk Systems Center and an Autodesk Developer Network Member based in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. Xanadu is a developer of many AutoCAD add-on applications and utilities, which are used in more than 50 countries today.
More information about Xanadu applications at

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