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CAD Studio has rewarded designers of the unique Elbee vehicle for disabled persons with Autodesk´s CAD software

Prague, Nov 5th 2014CAD Studio Inc., the largest specialized supplier of CAD, CAM, GIS and PLM solutions in East-Central Europe, in cooperation with Autodesk, rewarded designers of the Czech company ZLKL for development of the world´s unique vehicle for disabled people. At the conference CADforum 2014 the designers acquired the top software and services worth 1.2 million CZK to support their future efforts.

Mobility – and the associated independence in everyday life – is highly important for people confined to wheelchairs. That is why a team of designers from the ZLKL company developed a vehicle that can be driven directly from a wheelchair. The disabled can thus avoid the exhausting transfer into a car seat and wheelchair folding because they can get into the vehicle cabin immediately. Moreover, Elbee can be driven by individuals who have not been able to drive as yet or needed assistance. The vehicle stands out also in terms of its design – for example, it uses a unique patented system of steering transmission to the axle.

“It was a major challenge for us to design a vehicle that would bring self-reliance in motorized traffic for those wheelchair users who are unable to get into the driver seat without assistance. The most complicated task was to design the user-friendly way to open the front side of the vehicle. It was a true nightmare for us designers as we were unable to draw on commercially available car components. Therefore a major part of the vehicle is absolutely unique,“ says Josef Franc, head of development in ZLKL. “Autodesk Inventor and related applications will help us in further development of the vehicle, e.g. its version with an electric drive. We will also use them to develop a catalogue of spare parts, presentations for marketing etc. We have already used Autodesk tools for many of our activities – from designing to simulation of vehicle´s behavior, development of the servicing manual, up to virtual prototyping of individual customized adjustments reflecting the handicap type.“

Elbee: Independence in an elegant package

In addition to the possibility to drive on all common types of roads, the new vehicle features an elegant design and the option to adapt steering to the degree of disability. Apart from the driver in a wheelchair, the vehicle can also accommodate one passenger on a folding seat or shopping bags and baggage. Thanks to its small size – Elbee is only 2.5 m long and 1.3 m wide – it can be parked facing the sidewalk. You just open the front door and roll out comfortably.

In most of the countries state contributions are available for purchase and customization of the vehicle. The introductory price starts at 20 thousand Euro. The vehicle can be driven by persons over 17 years of age with the driving license B1. The engine displacement is 300 ccm, with petrol consumption of 4.5 liters per 100 km and the 400 kg vehicle can drive up to 80 km per hour. This means that it can also drive on a highway. The vehicle is no utopia as demonstrated by its designers who drove it to the conference in Brno from their HQ in Loštice on a highway full of potholes and closures.

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CAD Studio and Autodesk: Support to the innovators

The „CAD for Innovators“ competition was searching for the most interesting project which helps to increase the quality of life and to improve the environment and which builds on the Autodesk Cleantech Partner program. The results were announced in front of its 250 participants at this year´s professional conference CADforum 2014. The competition provided an opportunity to inventors and innovators, including those from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to get - free of charge - the most advanced design software which may be worth up to 150 thousand USD. The company ZLKL has thus received 5 licenses for Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2015.

“The use of digital prototyping and building information modeling (BIM) supports easy to use and very accurate designing, visualization and simulation both of minor, as well as of completely revolutionary projects. At the same time, it enables to test several variants, to avoid otherwise very costly errors and to bring innovations to the market faster,“ reminds Jan Binter, Executive Director of CAD Studio.

For more information about Autodesk Cleantech Partner visit:

Elbee - opened Elbee in Inventor Elbee awarded - J.Franc at CADforum 2014


About the ZLKL company
ZLKL, s. r. o., is based in Lostice, a small town known for its typical smelly cheese. The company offers a wide range of engineering activities – from machining, pressing, welding, surface finishing, to 3D quality inspection, development and designing. It supplies its products and services primarily to supranational concerns, such as Emerson and Siemens. Approximately 60 percent of the production is exported and the most important markets after the Czech Republic are France and Germany. Most of the products are used in electrical engineering industry, water management industry and partially also in the automotive industry. Apart from other rewards, the company also won the title of Vodafone ‘Company of the Year 2014’ and ‘TOP Responsible Small Company of the Year 2014’.

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About CAD Studio
CAD Studio a.s. is a traditional supplier of CAD, CAM, PLM and GIS solutions in Central Europe. The company portfolio covers all professional solutions for mechanical engineering and manufacturing, building industry and architecture, geodesy and surveying, visualization and animation, as well as geographic information systems for facility management and infrastructure. CAD Studio also offers hardware associated with the provided solutions and comprehensive services, including professional technical support.

CAD Studio is a member of the AutoCont holding and the top Autodesk partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and holder of the Platinum Partner certificate.

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