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CAD Studio Tools

Bundle of the most popular CAD Studio (AAC Solutions/Xanadu) tools for AutoCAD and LT

CS Tools are no longer available - most of the tools are available separately in newer versions

CAD Studio Tools, CAD Studio Tools Pro and CAD Studio Tools LT (for LT) are bundles of popular AutoCAD tools by CAD Studio (most of them also available separately) for a lower price. CAD Studio Tools help to Extend your AutoCAD (or Architectural/Mechanical/Land Desktop or Map) productivity by adding number of useful functions to your AutoCAD installation.

CAD Studio Tools support AutoCAD 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, Mechanical Desktop, Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical and Autodesk Map. Some features (see details) are supported also in older versions of AutoCAD (or AutoCAD LT).

Feature set differences in the CAD Studio Tools, CAD Studio Tools Pro and CAD Studio Tools LT versions:

  Feature comparison
Feature CAD Studio Tools CAD Studio Tools Pro CAD Studio Tools LT
Excellink 2000/2004/2005/2006 - -
Excellink VBA - -
Excellink 2000LT/2004LT/2005LT/2006LT - -
LiveLabel/LiveLabel 2004/2005/2006 -
ClearView -
LayoutSw -
rVPscale -
HGEN/HGEN 2005/2006 -
PrnReplace -
SplineConvert/SplineConvert 2009 -
Trans -
srxText -
ExpBlk -
AutoCAD Assistant -
LT Extension - -
Reporter LT - -

Features in detail

Excellink 2000 or 2006/2005/2004 or LT

Links block attributes in an AutoCAD drawing with data in an Excel sheet (a bidirectional link is established). You can e.g. compute your attribute values in Excel. Besides attributes also geometric properties of blocks are supported (moving/scaling through Excel).
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Excellink VBA

Links block attributes in an AutoCAD drawing with data in an Excel sheet. VBA version of Excellink application includes full source code so you can customize it easily. You can also generate new point entities from an Excel sheet (import).
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LiveLabel or LiveLabel 2006/2005/2004

The LiveLabel utility adds dynamics to your AutoCAD drawings. Making use of the "reactor" functionality it dynamically transfers information about a property of one object (e.g. polyline area) to a textual or geometric value of another object (e.g. block attribute with area label). A live link is created in your drawing and then the target value is updated automatically at any change of the source property (e.g. dragging a node of the boundary polyline). Label/dimension also those properties which are not supported directly by AutoCAD.
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Hides/unhides selected drawing entities individually, not by layer. Helps in crowded drawings. An .ARX application.


LayoutSw reactor switches LTSCALE automatically on any layout/modelspace change; LayoutSw command can predefine modelspace and paperspace values of LTSCALE. Settings are stored in the DWG. A .LSP application.


rVPscale reactor automatically displays viewport scale (mview) in a text entity; rVPsale command defines a link between a viewport and an existing text entity. A .LSP application.

HGEN or HGEN 2006/2005

Hatch pattern generator generates .PAT hatchures automatically from your drawing or blocks. No need for complicated hand coding.
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Script generator - performs the requested AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT commands (plot, purge, dxfout, export...) globally on all drawings in a directory (using scripts). A standalone .EXE application.


Replaces printer definitions of missing printers in drawing layouts. A .VBA application.

SplineConvert or SplineConvert 2009

Converts arcs, circles, ellipses and spline curves to 2D polylines with given tolerance. AutoCAD alone cannot convert (explode) Spline entities to polylines. Suitable e.g. for export of your drawing to NC or other drawing-processing applications.
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Helps to translate drawing texts to another language. Exports all texts in your drawing to a text file and imports this file (translated) back to original positions. A .VLX application.


Search and replace function for drawing texts, with many options, including regular expressions. Can be scripted to replace texts in multiple drawings. A .VLX application.


Explodes blocks with attributes (references) retaining the layer structure and attribute values. A .LSP application.

AutoCAD Assistant

An interactive AutoCAD calculator available in all AutoCAD dialogs.
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LT Extension

Extends your AutoCAD LT productivity. LT Extension adds number of useful functions to AutoCAD LT toolbar (all releases).
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Reporter LT

Reporter LT summarizes line lengths and block counts (in a per-layer table) in AutoCAD LT drawings (all releases, LT1-LT2007).

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