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SplineConvert utility

Convert arcs, circles, ellipses and spline curves to 2D polylines

SplineConvert curve conversions

AutoCAD 2009 compatible SplineConvert is a simple ARX utility for AutoCAD 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2002 which converts arcs, circles, ellipses and spline curves (plus derived AutoCAD objects) to 2D polylines with given tolerance.

Please note that AutoCAD alone cannot convert (explode) Spline entities to polylines and cannot replace curved lines (e.g. arcs) with segmented approximations.


Run the .MSI distribution archive. The application is installed to the \Program Files\Xanadu\SplineConvert folder by default. Choose one of the "autorun" methods.


SplineConvert Run the conversion using SplineConvert toolbar button or by _sc_convert command on AutoCAD command line. Specify required parameters for conversion - source curve, segment length (tolerance), target layer. Optionally you can delete source entities and filter source entity types. A spline converted to 2D LWPOLYLINE with straight segments (using long segments) will look like this:

Version history

  • 1.4 - 2009 (29.5.2008)
    • Added support for AutoCAD 2009/2008/2007
    • Windows Vista support
    • "Use entitiy layer" conversion option
  • 1.3 - 2006 (29.11.2005, license fix 15.6.2006)
    • Added support for AutoCAD 2006/2005/2004
    • Company name and installation tree changed to AAC Solutions/Xanadu
  • 1.2 (12.12.2002)
    • UCS problem fixed
    • Company name and installation tree changed to Xanadu
  • 1.1 (21.7.2001)
    • Quick filter added


Please send possible questions and problems to:

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SplineConvert Demo + Buy/Order

Time limited (15 days) trial version is free for download. If you are interested in the full unlimited commercial version, use the Order below or contact CAD Studio.

Please consider also CAD Studio Tools - a bundle product containing also SplineConvert.

Price of the commercial version of SplineConvert is 40,-EUR Buy.

Download limited free version of SplineConvert (for AutoCAD 2002-2009, and vertical apps)

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