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GEO-Translator CAD Studio - GEO Translator

Converter of Inventor sheetmetal unfolds to the TRUMPF .GEO format

Addon application GEO Translator for Inventor

The add-on application GEO Translator exports outlines of unfolded sheetmetal parts from Inventor to the GEO format used in the TruTops software and in production machines of the TRUMPF company. This is an alternative to export of DXF files, which need to be reimported to TruTops and edited for punching and cutting machines. So you don't need the TruTops Convert software tool for conversion of CAD data. GEO Translator streamlines the way from digital prototypes directly to production machines for sheetmetal processing.


Using GEO Translator

The converter supports Inventor 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and higher (32/64-bit). In the sheetmetal environment, .GEO is added as a supported format to the list in the Save As function.

Video sample:

Contents of the export
Outer and inner outlines of the topmost unfolded surface are exported. The exported file also contains a text note containing the name of the exported file (without extension) for later identification. Also marks for start and end of bend lines are added to the file. The exported file contains information about the sheetmetal thickness and material, as taken from the Inventor model. The outline geometry is exported from the top plane of the unfold, so you can use it safely also for planes with slanted sides (pipes sliced at an angle). Spline curves are replaced by segmented lines in the GEO file.

What is not transferred
No information about bends and bending tools is transferred. No additional information with texts or other metadata is transfered, except that mentioned above.


For a commercial version of GEO Translator please contact CAD Studio.

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