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3D Ducting (3D Piping)

Design and unfolding of ducting structures by CAD Studio

3D Ducting (formerly 3D Piping) is an AutoCAD 2000/i/2002-2006 (+MDT) or Inventor application for design and unfolding of sheetmetal pipes and pipe-connections of different types. 3D Ducting is based on a parametric database of shapes and connections:

  • Pipe
  • Cone
  • Elliptic pipe
  • Elbow
  • Y-pipe
  • T-pipe
  • Circle-rectangle transition
  • Y-connection
  • Flanges

From these modules, assemblies can be modelled and unfolded. Existing models can be modified by commands for extending/trimming of pipe, hole cutting, region creation.

IntelliPlace function dramatically simplifies placing of models on existing ones. Workplanes are automatically set according to selected plane on existing model.
3D Ducting is fully integrated into AutoCAD environment. Parametric shapes are generated as 3D solids. Thanks to this, visualisations of assemblies can be accomplished by using of standard AutoCAD renderers. Integration with AutoCAD ACIS kernel allows easy data tranfer to FEM applications. Special application interface is used for sharing of materials database with SPI SheetMetal application.

Unfolding is automatically generated from 3D model geometry. All special technological parameters from materials database are considered during unfolding. Unfolding is not a geometrical process only - minimum radius and material shortening are respected. Unfolded sheet can be dimensioned and tranferred to NC applications.

3D Ducting is a result of co-operation between CAD Studio and SPI GmbH. Currently english, german and czech versions are available (japanese version is planned).

Current installations, eg.: Hyundai Korea, KowaIntel Japan, SKA Brasil, Rey Switzerland, Strasser Austria, NTI Denmark, MCDS Austria, ABB Switzerland, Siemens Germany, ARES Turkey, Krupp Germany, HOPE India, ...


  • Catalogue of parametric shapes
  • Materials database
  • True 3D models - AutoCAD ACIS kernel integration
  • Transfer to NC applications
  • Unfolding from 3D model using technological database


  • AutoCAD Rel.14 or 2000/2000i/2002/2004/2005 or Mechanical Desktop or Inventor 6/7/8/9
  • Min.128MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP
  • CD-ROM drive for installation

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