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Vault ToolsCAD Studio - Vault Publisher G2

Add-on tool for automatic publishing from Autodesk Vault

CS Vault Publisher G2 for Autodesk Vault

The add-on application CAD Studio Vault Publisher G2 builds on an earlier product "Vault Publisher Pro". The new version of the add–on has been completely redesigned and reflects the needs of deploying of the Autodesk Vault data management system.

Vault Publisher G2

The new concept of Vault Publisher G2 primarily supports a thin connection to the CS ERP Connector G2 and expands the possibilities of publishing from the Vault and check–in of the published document back into the Vault.

The publishing settings allow to specify the conditions for publishing with advanced setting of “how and where” is the document to be published. The name of the published file is fully configurable and can be compiled based on property values of the original file checked in Vault.

The publication process can be extended with Inventor iLogic rules, which allow start a follow–up process, task or application, for example adding a custom watermark etc.

Vault Publisher G2 includes an improved Pack-and-Go functionality, which offers to create an archived package from the published files to be handed over e.g. to cooperating teams.

Vault Publisher G2

You can search entities for publishing - configuration and published files (the existing are in black, not-found and unpublishable - e.g. checked-out - ones in red):

Vault Publisher G2

You can also publish on the BOM item structure, using the search depth setting.

Vault Publisher G2

You can now also load associations to the source entity in PackAndGo. It is a local setting. Loading assocations is divided by entities. Changes of the loading are available in the PackAndGo dialog, in the menu Edit -> Options….

If you often use Pack And Go publications with the same settings, you can setup rules. User can fill the rule name, publishing path, naming scheme for the published files, file structure (preset structures or Vault structure) and whether the file will be included in the *.zip folder compression.

Vault Publisher G2

You can create publishing configurations. Each configuration of the publishing module has one target, either outwards from Vault or inwards to Vault.

You can setup watermark for PDF Publishing tasks. Respective tasks:

  • AutoCAD PDF
  • Inventor PDF
  • Office PDF

For the setting - see: Entity > Job > Custom Processes > Watermark.

What can be published

Overview of publishing modules included in CS Vault Publisher G2:

Publishing moduleModule description
AutoCAD PDFPublish PDF for AutoCAD drawings
Inventor PDFPublish PDF for Inventor drawings
Inventor DXFPublish DXF for unfolded Inventor sheet metal parts
Inventor SATPublish SAT (ACIS) for Inventor models (assemblies, components)
Inventor STEPPublish STEP (.stp) for Inventor models (assemblies, components)
Inventor rasterPublish raster for Inventor drawings (*.bmp, *.png, *.jpg, *.tiff, *.gif)
Inventor drawing (AutoCAD DWG)Convert Inventor drawings (*.idw) to AutoCAD drawings (*.dwg)
Office PDFPublish PDF for MS Office documents (Word, Excel)
Copies of native dataGet any native data stored in the Vault to an external local or shared folder
EPLANPublish EPLAN data stored in Vault to an external folder.
(NOTE: EPLAN data must be prepared with the CS EPLAN Connector.)
Visualization updatesUpdates DWF preview for files attached on item that is not otherwise available in Vault.
(NOTE: available Vault Professional only)

Connection with CS ERP Connector G2

The new CS ERP Connector G2 shares its configuration with Vault Publisher G2. This eliminates the need to configure publishing in both add–ins separately, the publication configuration is shared between both add–ins.

For publication, you could set option „Pending Publication“ which will ensure that the CS ERP Connector G2 publication is finished only after all files and data needed for the production are completed and ready.

Availability and compatibility

The CS Vault Publisher G2 is available for:

  • Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2019 and Autodesk Vault Professional 2019
  • Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2020 and Autodesk Vault Professional 2020
  • Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2021 and Autodesk Vault Professional 2021

Working with Vault Publisher

Price, ordering and more information

Our Vault tools function are being extended. You can send us your ideas for new functions extending your productivity in Vault.

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