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CAD Studio Sheet Metal Parts

Parametric sheetmetal parts and transitions for Autodesk Inventor

SMP - Sheet Metal Parts

Model from SMP SMP CAD Studio Sheet Metal Parts is an intelligent parametric library (generator) of special sheet metal parts, which is fully integrated in Autodesk Inventor. It allows to quickly create ducting segments and unfold parts for manufacturing.

The core of the application is a database of complex shapes. These parametric sheetmetal parts are compatible with the sheetmetal module in Autodesk Inventor. The SMP application use the principles of handling sheetmetal styles and allows to manage them easily. Unfolding of parts is handled through the internal Inventor unfolder technology.

The database of the SMP application contains a number of sheetmetal parts and assemblies - such as:

  • Parts:
    • Circular pipe
    • Arc segment
    • Transition - Circle-Circle (with an eccentricity)
    • Transition - Square-Circle (with an eccentricity)
    • Filing funnel
  • Assemblies:
    • Cylindrical pipe with cylindrical branch pipe
    • Conic pipe with cylindrical branch pipe
    • Square pipe with square branch pipe
    • Square pipe with cylindrical branch pipe
    • Cylindrical pipe with square branch pipe
    • Cylindrical Y-pipe
    • Segmented elbow
    • Compensator

Sheet Metal Parts
SMP user interface - parameters dialog

See a sample video: Sheet Metal Parts


Assembly Panel - SMP

You can install the SMP application using an automatic installation program. This integrates the add-on to the Inventor environment.

You can find the SMP start icon in the lower part of the Assembly Panel in the Assembly environment (see pic.).


2D unfold from SMP You can invoke the SMP dialog from the tool panel in the Assembly (Sheetmetal) environment. After you choose the type of the sheetmetal part and set the size parameters, you can use the Create button to generate the requested 3D model (part or assembly). The application prompts for saving and naming of the created elements.

The subsequent unfolding is generated using the standard Inventor technology - you can create both the 2D drawing documentation and export data for CNC technologies (to the formats DXF, SAT, DWG) without the need of any other tools.

Supported platforms

The program SMP is tested under Windows XP and Windows Vista. SMP supports the applications Inventor 2010, 2009 and 2008, plus Inventor Professional 2010, 2009 and 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

What's new?

Version Description
1.3 (7.11.2008) Added installation program for Inventor 2009
1.1 (7.8.2008) Supports Inventor 2009
1.0 (22.1.2008) First version

SMP License

SheetMetal Parts is a comemrcial application by CAD Studio. A limited Trial version SMP is available.

Download trial version of SMP

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