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Power ToolsCADstudio Power Tools

Extension tools for Autodesk PowerMill

Power Tools add-on for Autodesk PowerMill

The plugin CAD Studio Power Tools part of the CS+ tools extends the capability of the CAM software Autodesk PowerMill by adding functions and macros for increasing the productivity when working with Autodesk PowerMill. The plugin is available in Czech and English languages.

Power Tools

Power Tools functions

Functions overview:

  • Automatic creation of setup sheets including pictures.
  • Vice and chuck database and automated setup of the part into the vice/chuck.
  • Macro for removing tips of the holes in holes feature set.
  • Macro for automatic ordering holes by their depth.
  • Macro for selection toolpath segments by their length.
  • Macro for automatic collision check of all toolpaths in the project.
  • Macro for detection time of cut for every tool in the NC program.
  • Function for arc fit the selected curves in required tolerance.
  • Function for set the required CPU usage during toolpath calculation. Function for detection of bad surfaces of the part.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Direct link for TeamViewer - CAD Studio support.
  • Direct link for running Autodesk ScreenCast for screen recording.
  • And more...

Power Tools


Power Tools is licensed by an activation code. CAD Studio customers can to generate their activation code free of charge at the Helpdesk page. Other interested parties can buy license for Power Tools as a subscription license on the CAD eShop.


Power Tools is running in PowerMill's Vertical plugin window. If the plugin is not activated automatically, you can run it manually. For manual activation use File > Options > Manage installed plugins to open the Plugin manager window. Select Power Tools from the list and click the Enable button.


The latest version of Power Tools can be downloaded from the Download page or from our Helpdesk.


CAD Studio customers obtain CAD Studio Power Tools free of charge, including technical support as a part of Autodesk PowerMill CS+. Other interested parties can buy license for Power Tools as a subscription at CAD eShop. You can try Power Tools app as a Trial version for 15 days.

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