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Inventor Tools - Assembly Mirror for Inventor

Mirror an existing assembly in Inventor

Assembly Mirror Tool

Inventor Tools is an add-on utility for Autodesk Inventor which (unlike Inventor's native Part mirroring) mirrors a complete existing assembly. You can keep associativity of the mirrored subassembly to its source subassembly.

Assembly Mirror currently works in Autodesk Inventor R6 and R5.3 (R7 not supported).


  1. Copy the ivtools.dll file to a computer, where Inventor is already installed.
  2. There must be also an installed file acge15.dll - it's usually a part of AutoCAD (MDT) installation and it is located in the Common Files\Autodesk Shared folder.
  3. On Windows Command prompt (in the Inventor folder) enter
    regsvr32 ivtools.dll
  4. Run Inventor.
  5. In the Tools menu there should be new command: Inventor Tools Assembly Mirror.


  1. Open document with assembly.
  2. Select Tools Inventor Tools Assembly Mirror.
  3. In the Assembly Mirror dialog select components to mirror (use right-click for selection options). If components are grayed out in the tree they are probably not saved - save them first.
  4. Select other options (mirror plane, associativity). Move away from origin to change the mirror plane.
  5. Confirm your settings with the OK button.


  1. Mirrored components are created as Derived components. File name of the derived component is created according to following rule:
  2. If there already exists a file with the same name, it won't be created again, but it will be reused (it means that it isn't possible to have one instance associative and other non-associative - both share the same definition).
  3. It's necessary to have all components saved - sometimes Inventor crashes, if any of of the mirrored components isn't saved.
  4. Command doesn't use transactions yet - you need to use UNDO several times.
  5. It doesn't handle iMates or assembly structure.
  6. To uninstall - please use Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

History Tested version, free release First version, beta


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Assembly Mirror Download

Assembly Mirror is a CAD Studio freeware available for download. Can be used and copied only in an unmodified version, retaining the CAD Studio copyright. Please follow the readme file in the downloaded archive.

Download the free version of Assembly Mirror (290kB, for Inventor R6)

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