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3D terrain profiles for Autodesk Map 3D

Map3Dprof add-on utility

Map3Dprofile toolbar
Map3Dprofile toolbar
The Map3Dprof utility (for Autodesk Map 3D 2006 and 2005) by CAD Studio generates and unfolds 3D profiles based on the DTM surfaces generated by Autodesk Map 3D (Map, unlike Civil3D, doesn't have this functionality by default).

Map3Dprof utility offers 4 commands:
Map3Dprof, PrfUnfold, PrfGraf and PrfDim


Just copy the MAP3DPROF.VLX file and the .MNS/.DLL toolbar files to one of your Autodesk Map support directories. Choose one of "autorun" methods (e.g. APPLOAD) to load it in your Map sessions or use MENULOAD Map3Dprof.mns to load its partial menu (toolbar).


Map3Dprofile draw profile In an Autodesk Map 3D drawing with generated DTM surface (or surfaces) draw a plan view profile (2D polyline representing the profile geometry and position). This polyline should lay (at least partially) in the area of the DMT surface; it can contain multiple line segments (no arcs).
Start the Map3Dprof command, select the Surface by name or by picking it (if there are more surfaces defined) a pick the 2D polyline and enter the precision (distance between the adjacent computed points). Map3Dprof generates a 3D profile (sitting on the 3D surface) and prompts for unfolding of this profile (can be also invoked later with the PrfUnfold command).
Map3Dprofile 3D profile The unfolding process (PrfUnfold) converts the 3D profile into a 2D representation (drawn in paperspace, the "Map3Dprof" layout) of Distance-Height. You can define the height multiplication factor, origin point for unfolding (in paperspace) - enter 0,0. You can flip the orientation of the profile (watch the arrow) and offset the unfolded profile from the origin of the 3D profile. (you may want to delete or adjust the MVIEW in this layout). Optionally you can export profile coordinates to a text file.
Map3Dprofile graph Then you are prompted to draw a graph (you can invoke it also manually with the PrfGraf command). This function adds graph legend to the unfolded profile. Select the unfolded (paperspace) profile (or just confirm the "Last" option), enter the elevation of the reference plane (in plain number, not including the height factor), confirm the previously entered height factor and origin (for cases when graph is drawn in another session), enter the text size for labels (use a text style with variable height). The "Do not draw redundand heights" option allow to skip height lines which slope do not differ much from the neighbouring lines - e.g. 5 degrees (or just enter 0 to draw all vertical lines).
The RefDim function helps you to label the vertical height lines with their height properties (use the offered PERP osnap to keep the labels aligned horizontally).

What's new?

Version number Description
1.0 First version (functionality based on GEOsurf 2.2)
1.1 Added profile coordinates export (to a text file)

Supported platforms

Program was tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Program supports Autodesk Map 3D 2006 and Map 3D 2005.

Map3Dprof Demo + Buy/Order

Limited (number of vertices) trial version is free for download. If you are interested in the full unlimited commercial version, use the Order below or contact CAD Studio.

Price of the commercial version of Map3Dprof is 199,-EUR Buy.

Download limited free version of Map3Dprof (for Map 3D 2006 or Map 3D 2005)

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