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FurnitureCS Furniture for Fusion 360

Woodworking and cabinetmaking add-in for Autodesk Fusion 360

Woodworking add-on app Furniture for Fusion 360

The application CAD Studio Furniture for Fusion 360 (Furniture) is a woodworking and cabinetmaking add-in for the CAD/CAM software Autodesk Fusion 360 (for Windows). It enables to streamline and automate parametric design, documentation creation and visualization of cabinets and other types of wooden furniture. Fusion 360 adds a series of features to streamline the creation, modification and documentation of furniture elements. The application UI is available in English and Czech.

Furniture - ribbon

Furniture for Fusion (FFF, F4F) is a furniture design software designed for the woodworking industry, fully integrated into Autodesk Fusion 360. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful design tool that does not itself provide any industry-specific tools, such as for the furniture industry. This led us to develop the Furniture product with the help of furniture industry experts, to streamline and optimize their design work. Furniture stands out for its simplicity, low hardware requirements and above all affordability.

Furniture is built on a packaging modeling approach that is ideal for fast prototyping of wooden panels. For an efficient design creation, Furniture is equipped with tools for inserting and replacing components, managing dimensional and material configurations, a structured BOM with different views as needed (for pricing, manufacturing and ordering material).


Furniture functionality

Existing functions:
  • Easy-to-use design features for furniture makers
  • Design automation, parameterization
  • Library of furniture components
  • Material library
  • Functions for drawing documentation
  • Visualization
  • Ordering of components and cutting from key suppliers
Planned future functions:
  • Linking with ERP
  • CAM automation and direct connection to CNC
  • Nesting (optimization of nesting and rotation according to fiber direction)
  • Production planning and data acquisition from machines

Samples from Furniture

Example of typical workflows in the CAD application Furniture for Fusion 360 - model, visualization, exploded view, drawing documentation:

Furniture 1
Furniture 2
Furniture 3
Furniture 4

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 8.1 64bit (or higher), .Net Framework version 4.0 or higher
  • CPU: 64-bit processor (32-bit not supported)
  • RAM: 3GB RAM (recommended 4GB)
  • Internet connection
  • Cca 300MB of free disk space
  • Graphics card: all with support of DirectX 11 and min. 1GB VRAM, integrated cards only with min. 6GB RAM; min.resolution: 1366x768
  • Pointing device: Microsoft Mouse, Magic Mouse, MacBook Pro trackpad, supported also 3D mouse
  • Any web browser for project dashboard (incl. tablets and mobile phones)



Furniture for Fusion 360 is a commercial application licensed as a yearly subscription for the individual computers (using activation codes). It requires an installation of Autodesk Fusion 360 (Win) in any of its license models.


  • V1.4 (11/2020)
    • Editing of cabinets no longer depends of the document units setting (a fix)
    • Shelf supports placed correctly even if the cabinet has its back panel (a fix)
    • Changed the way of loading the fixture library, the first access takes longer but any subsequent use is then much faster.
    • Added a new part to the fixture library - Clamex P14
  • V1.3 (10/2020)
    • "Wrapping panels" - offsets can be set for each panel separately; double-width panels - displayed as single panel, in BOM as two panels
    • "Insert shelves" - now with the option to insert also shelf supports
    • "BOM" - optionally reduce max size by added edges
    • New command "Add edges" - used only in BOM, not in the model
    • New command "Create holes" - removes material in manufactured panels, to place purchased parts
  • V1.2 (6/2020)
    • Small fixes in the installer and licensing messages
  • V1.1 (5/2020)
    • Added 30-day Trial version, can be launched directly from the License dialog
    • Added Czech UI - the Furniture UI language is switched automatically by the Fusion 360 language - CZ is selected if Fusion 360 in Czech, otherwise English
    • Added explanatory tooltips
    • Faster loading, license checking
    • The project FURNITURE is created only after a part from library is needed, or can be force-invoked from the Settings dialog - see Help
    • Before installation of version 1.1 you need to uninstall the previous version
    • Models created in version 1.0 may not be compatibile, we recommend remodelling them
    • Fixed the "Wrapping panels" function bug after Fusion 360 update to version 2.0.8335 or higher
    • Fixed bug - in some specific cases, inserted joints/hinges were improperly rotated
  • V1.0 (1/2020)
    • Initial version for Windows and Autodesk Apps


You can download the latest version of Furniture and try it in the Trial mode from Download.


Price of the commercial version of Furniture - BUY - just 104 € (excl.VAT)

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