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DirectX Export for AutoCAD

Publish AutoCAD 3D models in 3D multimedia applications

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DirectX Export for AutoCAD is an ARX application for AutoCAD 2010, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, Architectural Desktop and Mechanical Desktop. It allows to export any 3D solid from AutoCAD to the .X format (DirectX meshes for multimedia applications).

System requirements

DirectX Export requires AutoCAD 2002-2007 or AutoCAD 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit), Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3.3-2007 or Mechanical Desktop 6-2007 running on Windows 2000/XP or Vista. Exported .X files can be rendered by any DirectX viewer - e.g. MeshView (part of the DirectX SDK), Deep Exploration (by Right Hemisphere), 3DWin (by Thomas Baier).


You can use command line or toolbar to invoke DirectX Export commands:

  • DXEXPORT command starts the export
  • DXOPTIONS command sets the export format options, geometry settings and mesh generation options
  • DXHELP runs Help with the DirectX Export documentation
DirectX options

AutoCAD-assigned ACI color of a solid is respected in the resulting .X scene. Multicolor objects and nested objects are supported. The quality of translation from 3D solid to .X object (smoothness) depends on AutoCAD's FACETRES system variable.

In DXOPTIONS you can define the smoothing angle for rendering of smooth surfaces. Resulting mesh can be generated by layer, by entity or by color (object structuring). The 'Flip YZ coordinates' option forces flipping of YZ coordinates in the output file. 'Scale factor' controls the size of exported objects. You can also center objects in the scene.

Exported meshes can be derived by individual entities, by layers or by colors.

For "Architectural Desktop" operation mode you can use either Architectural Desktop or plain AutoCAD with AEC Object Enabler loaded. DirectX Export retains object hierarchical structure.

DirectX output is viewable in custom multimedia applications, some game engines and standalone viewers - e.g. MeshView (part of DirectX SDK), Deep Exploration (by Right Hemisphere), 3DWin (by Thomas Baier)

Examples of DirectX models from AutoCAD

ADT sample model as shown in DeepExploration

Known limitations

  • Binary version of X file is not supported
  • since version 2010, special AEC objects are no longer supported - convert them to standard AutoCAD 3D objects first
  • To export text you can use the TTF text meshing utility TXT2FACE (download from the demoen/demoen account on the document management server)

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DirectX Export OEM

We offer DirectX Export also as an OEM license. This kind of license is currently used by Quest3D.

DirectX Export Shareware edition

Shareware version (trial) is free and can be copied for free - in the original installation pack. Shareware version for AutoCAD and ADT is limited to 15 days and to export of only one object at a time.

Price of the commercial AutoCAD/ADT version of DirectX Export is 99,-EUR (credit card, check or invoice) - 2010: buy on-line Order, 2007: buy on-line Order, 2006: buy on-line Order .

Authorization dialog Registration codes are valid for all versions of the same product. Updates can be installed without having to re-enter the registration code.

Delivery: DirectX Export (or the authorization code) is delivered electronically - via e-mail. Please install the trial version first and specify your unique Request code in your order (available in the startup dialog, Authorize button - see on the right). Orders are processed within one business day.

Download limited free (trial) version of DirectX Export for AutoCAD (A2002-2007/2010/ADT33-2007)

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