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CMTCMT - Corridor Multiple Targets

Simplification of targeting in complex corridors in Autodesk Civil 3D

CMT add-in tool

Corridor multiple targets (CMT) is an add-in tool for Autodesk Civil 3D 2018, 2019, 2020 and higher. This tool attempts to simplify targeting of complex corridors using text filters and using entity selection directly in the model space. You don't need to switch between object types when targeting to an alignment, feature line or line.

You can easily setup multiple parameters for different regions, subassemblies and even baselines. A plain dialog box completely replaces the standard Civil 3D dialog and simplifies it substantially. The dialog is floating (non-modal), so you can freely move in model space when setting targets, not needing to close the dialog. In this way, you can easily watch the results of your design work.

CMT program dialog
CMT program dialog
CMT program dialog and its options (click for larger)
Setting targets - CMT
Setting targets - filtering and selecting objects by a text list (click for larger)
Setting targets - CMT
Setting targets for multiple subassemblies and different parameter names (click for larger)
Setting targets - CMT
Re-import preset .CSK targets - CMT (click for larger)

Comparing Civil and CMT functionality

What are the main benefits of CMT?

Feature CMTCAD Studio
Corridor multiple targets
Classic target dialog
Future developmentYY
Rebuild corridor without leaving the dialogYY
Zoom and pan during parameter settingsYn
Multiple row editingYn
Filtering parametersYn
Saving targets while editing assembliesYn

Sample video:

Further development

These are one of the first versions of the application. We plan to develop it further, your input and ideas are welcome.


If you are interested in the commercial version of CADstudio CMT, use the BUY icon below or go to Autodesk Apps for a Trial, or contact CAD Studio.

Price of the commercial version of CMT see - Buy CMT (for Civil 2020-2018)

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