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Protect your BIM content by adding a unique invisible watermark signature

BIMsign for Revit

CADstudio BIMsign is an add-on utility for Revit which watermarks your BIM document (a RVT project, RFA family or template) with a permanent invisible signature containing your or your company's name. This add-on tool helps to protect your intellectual property (IP) as you can prove the ownership of the original content in any future BIM files which are based on this signed document.

You can "sign" individual RVT/RFA files or your templates. If you sign your company template (.RTE), all new projects based on this template will be automatically "signed" (watermarked).

DWGsign dialog

BIMsign does not prove unmodified state of the original document (like digital signature does), it proves that a document is based on your original data. Non-authorized users (even in your company) cannot remove the BIM signature. The signature remains part of the BIM file even if the BIMsign utility is not installed on a Revit workstation.

This application is compatible with Revit 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 (any language version).

How does it work?

BIMsign adds the specified authorship signature in encrypted format to internal data structures inside the RVT or RFA file. This signature survives any future modifications of that BIM document.


BIMsign ribbon Click the BIMsign icon in the Add-in ribbon to bring up the BIMsign dialog. The dialog shows whether the project (document) is already signed by someone and by whom (green) or not (blue). Here you can also perform the following functions:

  • Sign, add signature to a yet unsigned document (you cannot re-sign a signed document)
  • Remove signature, delete your own signature from a signed document (you cannot remove foreign signatures) if you have a special signature-removal security password, supplied with your license
  • Change password to change your signature-removal password


BIMsign Reader

BIMsign Reader CADstudio BIMsign Reader is a free add-on utility for Revit which checks any watermarks/signatures (added through the full BIMsign add-on application) in your RVT/RFA documents. You can use it to verify and prove ownership of your BIM content on any Revit workstation.


You can buy the BIMsign application directly here Buy BIMsign (for Revit 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020)

For pricing see the eShop link above. The application is licensed per computer, multi-license discounts apply. You will receive your activation code with your company name, plus a signature-removal password.

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