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Web Based Data Translation Service


  • This service is a CAD/CAM data translation service operating over the internet. It is a fixed price pay as you use service providing 88 translation products, which will convert CAD geometry, assembly structure and attribute data between the worlds leading mechanical CAD/CAD systems. 
  • The service is operated over the Web or if you prefer by sending parts using Tape, CD or Diskette. It offers you a vast range of CAD conversion products on a pay as used basis. If you use the service very frequently you can switch to have your own copy of the converter and run the process yourself by paying an agreed license fee. 
  • The service is a secure facility. All data is uniquely identified, password protected and encrypted for maximum security.
  • All quotations are provided free of charge and a fixed price is quoted per part.
  • It is the perfect solution if you are spending time manually converting data or recreating geometry in your own CAD system. The service improves time-to-market, saves engineering time and frees up more time for innovative design. 
  • By using the service you are also backed up by a team of Data Exchange experts who can handle any problems or respond to any issues you may have.
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