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Acadstart Shell Extension

Running AutoCAD with specified profile

If you have problems with launching AutoCAD with multiple profiles and if you'd like to specify which profile to use (e.g. in Explorer's context menu for DWG), you can use our shell extension acadstart.dll.


Copy the .DLL file to any directory and register it using the regsvr32.exe tool:

regsvr32 acadstart.dll

If Explorer is currently running, restart it.


Select DWG or DXF AutoCAD drawing in Explorer. Click the right mouse button. You should see one or more new items in the context menu:

acadstart1.jpg (12290 bytes)

If you click on the arrow, menu is displayed with profiles defined for the selected AutoCAD installation:

acadstart2.jpg (15888 bytes)

Select the profile and AutoCAD is run with the specified drawing and profile. Typical case is running a plain vanilla AutoCAD in a Mechanical Desktop installation.

Supported platforms

Program was tested on Windows NT4.0 and Windows 98 with Explorer and ActiveDesktop environment.

Program supports AutoCAD 2000 (R15).

Program supports AutoCAD R14.01.


    When nothing happens after right-clicking a DWG file, please verify:
  • that you have AutoCAD 2000 (or R14.01) installed.
  • that you have configured at least one profile.
  • that the extension was properly registered. Registry should contain the following items:

acadstart3.jpg (29499 bytes)


acadstart4.jpg (32141 bytes)

Please send possible questions and problems to:

Please send inquiries about custom application development to:

Download free Acadstart application (for AutoCAD 2000, Map2000, MDT4, R14, Map3, MDT3)

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