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CAD Studio BBS

Your source of AutoCAD and 3D Studio utilities directly from the Autodesk GOLD Partner

CAD Studio BBS is available 24-hours a day for downloads and echomail conferences. It's part of CAD Studio ON-LINE system.

You can reach CAD Studio BBS by any modem with 2400Bd-28800Bd speed (8bit, no parity) with virtually any communication software (ANSI compatibility recommended) - eg. TERMINAL, TERM95, M602, TELIX, COMMIT, BITCOM, etc. After communication is established you will be asked for your name (please use your real name). Interactive menus will lead you through the whole BBS - file areas with downloadable files and echomail areas with messages in thematic conferences. You can also use an off-line reader to access selected echomail conferences.

Our VIP customers can now access the BBS files over the Internet through our VIP Helpdesk Server -

You can also access our Internet CAD Forum support server.

Files on CAD Studio BBS:

(please note that some files are available only to customers of CAD Studio)

Many files available also on the CAD Studio Download page.
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