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Autodesk - free
Download AutoCAD DGN Clean-up Tool - cleanup DWG from DGN linetypes for AutoCAD 2012 (CS+/VIP) External 7kB 26.4.2015    

Patches + updates
Map, Civil 3D, Raster, InfraWorks, Vehicle
Download Civil 3D 2021 - country kit (HU) - templates, styles, symbols, linetypes - Hungarian standards External 41MB 22.5.2020 More information  
Download Autodesk Map 3D 2005 CZ linetypes+plot fix (acadres) External 710kB 4.5.2005 More information  

Free applications and CAD utilities (mostly our freeware & trials)
CAD Utilities and add-ins
Download DynLTscale (DLTS) - scale linetypes dynamically by mouse dragging (VLX LISP for AutoCAD) 13kB 21.4.2016
Download LinCatalog - draws a catalog of complex linetypes defined in a .LIN file or in the DWG (free AutoLISP utility) 21kB 13.8.2013
Download LinExp - explode linetypes, both dashed and complex (modified TxtExp Express Tool) 10kB 21.7.2009    
Download LinOut - exports linetype definitions (incl. shape+text info) from an AutoCAD DWG drawing back to .LIN file 16kB 21.3.2020
Download LLtype - change linetype of "bylayer" objects to the linetype of their layer; opposite to SetByLayer (LSP for AutoCAD) 964 24.1.2012    
Download LTFly - automatically generate AutoCAD complex linetypes (with embedded text) on the fly (VLX LISP) 12.6kB 6.6.2020
Download PropByLayer (former LColor) - change "bylayer" properties of selected objects to the color, linetype, lineweight and transparency of their layer; opposite to SetByLayer (LSP for AutoCAD) 2082 21.6.2019 More information  
Download RRename - rename layouts, blocks, layers or linetypes using regular expressions (VLX Lisp for AutoCAD) 11kB 3.4.2014
Other Goodies
Download * Additional .LIN linetypes for AutoCAD and LT, complex linetypes (linetype library; CZ typy čar, čiary) - UPD, STN, ZMZ, geo, map, ... FIXED (.LIN+.SHX) 115kB 1.12.2016    
Download ISO-LIN - metrické typy čar ISO/ČSN 1:1 pro AutoCAD a LT, komplexní typy čar dle ČSN 01 3411 - linetype library .LIN (Ivo Klepárník) 912kB 21.10.2016    
Download LP_Linetypes - complex linetypes for AutoCAD and LT (.LIN+.SHX, by Lineplan knihovna/typy čar/library)) 33kB 15.8.2008    

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